The most creative meeting space in the Southeast - in the heart of South End in Charlotte, NC.

Open spaces, opens minds

The right environment is a catalyst for new thinking to emerge. Magellan Idea Center provides a risk-free zone that inspires, energizes and binds teams.

Magellan Idea Center is a 2,000 square foot creative meeting space, located in a beautifully restored 19th century textile mill in the heart of South End. The main meeting area is living-room style. It delivers on characteristics research has shown to open minds, including high ceilings, bold colors and lots of natural light. The main room upstairs is roughly 1,000 sq. ft. There is a conference room and two break-out areas downstairs.

What we hear most when guests arrive? "Wow." Closely followed by, "Can I live here?" In our satisfaction surveys, guests use the words "creative", "fun" and "comfort" most often. By increasing comfort and decreasing traditional office barriers, Magellan fosters team collaboration and honest conversations.


 Magellan Idea Center is the best kept secret in Charlotte! 

Melissa Nixon / Red Roxx

 One of the coolest places for brainstorm sessions! In a great location near inspiring retailers and restaurants. 

Narss Lapinid / Electrolux

 Several people commented as they entered the space 'I feel more comfortable and creative already'. Space, environment, design of the physical meeting and idea generation space matters. 

Jeffrey Phillips / OVO Innovation

Members of:

Product Development Management Association (PDMA), Business Marketing Association (BMA), Charlotte American Marketing Association (CAMA), American Creativity Association (ASA), Meeting Planners International (MPI) and World Future Society